Friday, August 26, 2016

Tree Trimming and Removal Starting September 2nd

                    As you know, we had our trees surveyed throughout the Cluster by arborists from well-regarded local firms.  There was a very solid consensus on trimming and, in a few cases, removal of dead or dying trees.  The firm Care of Trees was selected to do the work.  

                    Work will begin on Friday, Sept. 2 at about 8 AM on the Chimney House side:  in the front (lake side) and back of A Block; and the back of B Block.   Hopefully, this will be completed Friday afternoon.  If not, the team will return on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at about 8 am to finish up.

                    It’s likely that they will begin on the other side Tuesday morning.  The first stop will be trimming the large oak behind E Block, then trim trees on parking lot side of H Block , remove a dead tree on canal side of K Block and finish with work on ends and back (parking lot side) side of K Block.  If not finished by COB Tuesday, the team will return to complete it Wednesday, Sept. 7. 

If you have questions, please contact John Lovaas at 703-429-1117.



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