Tuesday, September 8, 2020

WPCA Board Meeting - Thursday, September 10th

The September Board meeting will be held on Thursday, September 10 , at 7 P.M. via Zoom

Following is the agenda:

1. Opening
2. Approval of minutes of August 13 Board meeting
3. Treasurer's Report and 2020 Budget Van
4. Committee Reports/Actions:
    a. Capital Projects/Maintenance Ken, Van, George
        H Block dock repairs update (Ken)
        H Block bulkhead
        C block lights (Van)
        Power washing docks and walls?
    b. Landscaping
        K Block lawn solutions (Alex)
        A Block lawn solutions, microclover plantings (Sally, Alex)
        H Block bulkhead cut down of saplings (Alex)
        Spring clean up (Fran)
    c . Future Improvements (updates?) George
5. Other business
    a. Glass recycling status report (Fran)
    b . Boat issues/ update (Ken)
    c . Security and use of common area
6. Next meeting/adjourn

The September Board meeting will be held via a Zoom conference Anyone who wishes to
participate should cont act Fran Lovaas ( franlovaas@comcast.net ) for the logon.