Tuesday, November 8, 2022

November 10th Board Meeting Agenda

WPCA Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting

Nov 10th, 2022

          The November WPCA Board Meeting will be held at the Art Gallery at 7:00 pm and via ZOOM Thursday, Nov 10th, 2022


1. Call to Order

2. Finance Update

3. Capital Projects/Maintenance Update

      ·         List of items needing remediation
·         Wall caps
·         Electrical work for lights in front of B Block coming out next Thursday.
·         Car Chargers for Cluster
·         Canoes/Paddle Boards/Kayaks Racks

4. Landscaping Update

          ·         B Block tree trimming by dock

5. Miscellaneous

      ·         Discussion of draft MOU with LARCA for sharing costs of paving 
·         Disposal Contract issues
·         Snow Removal Contract