Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WPCA Board Meeting, July 12th

The July Board meeting will be at 7PM in the Heron House Art Gallery.  The agenda is:

1.            Call to order; approval of minutes of June 22 meeting.
2.            Finance Report; SunTrust CDs.
3.            Landscape Committee Update; Cardinal estimate for C/B block plantings.
4.            Capital Projects/Maintenance Comm.
                Update on walls project
                Painting C-Block railing.
                H-Block bulkhead plans for 2019
                Ownership of Lake wall along C block.
5.            Special Projects Comm. - picnic report!
6.            Other business
                Streetlights & LEDs:         replacement of photo cells & diodes as well as bulbs with LEDs.
                Boat Policy
7.            Next meeting/Adjourn