June 4, 2017 Picnic

Great turnout--estimated 40 people, all six blocks represented. 
 Scrumptious picnic chow included burgers and dogs by the
 Hurwitz duo and chicken kabobs by Abbas Rouhani. 
 And, hats off to picnicplanners/organizers 
Fran Lovaas and Sally Carter.

Nati and Geoff Hurwitz;   Bonnie Klugh

Young Mr. Wright; John and Sally Carter; Ellen Pierson and Craig Palmer.

The Romeyns—Jon, Tanya and young Theo

K blockers: Mihun Esplund, Jon Romeyn, Kevin Watson,
 Lane Esplund, Stewart Lade

Derek Jeffrey; John and Laurie Hunter;  
Shoshona Epstein and Jesse Woodstock

Doug and Kathy Evan; Maureen Broderick

Facing camera: Craig Palmer; Abbas Rouhani

Steven Wright and family

Background standing: Barbara Wright, John Carter and Gerald Galloway.
Around table around table l to r:  Phil Maisel;  Bunker Snyder;
 Jyotsna Surenda; Ken Adams; Beverly Weiss; Nati Hurwitz; 
Jon Romeyn; and picnic organizer extraordinaire Fran Lovaas