Friday, October 26, 2018

WPCA Board Meeting, Thursday November 1st at 7PM

Board Meeting November 1st

The November Board meeting will be at 7PM on Thursday, November 1st in the Heron House Art Gallery.  Following is the agenda:
1.  Opening
2.  Reading/approval of Minutes from October 11 Board Meeting
3.  Treasurer's Report and Draft 2019 Budget for Discussion/Approval
4.  Discussion of Recommended Assessment for 2019
5.  Candidates for Board of Directors for 2019--Hurwitz, Lovaas, other(?) vacancies, Search Committee
6.  Committee Reports/Actions:
    a  Landscaping
    b. Capital Projects/Maintenance
    c. Communications--Help on website, notices to membership
    d. Special Events
7.  Reston Association Boats. Lakes Policy report
8.  Other business
9.  Next Meeting/Adjourn