Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cluster Parking Lot Paving - November 19 - 21

Our contractor, Dominion Paving & Sealing, will be repaving cluster parking lots from November 19th to 21st.  Parking will be restricted during the project per the following:

Tuesday, November 19th:
          Blocks A, B, C, K and the western portion of H-Block (11451 - 11457) will be milled (two inches of asphalt removed).
          Cars must vacate the parking areas by 7AM but may park overnight after milling is completed.

Wednesday, November 20th:
           Blocks A, B, C, K and the western portion of H-Block will be paved and striped.
          Cars must vacate parking by 7AM but may park after paving is completed.

Thursday, November 21st:
           E-Block and the eastern portion of H-Block (11437 - 11449) will be cracksealed.  There are no parking restrictions at this time, but please check next week in case there are changes.

Please click on the Documents page tab for further information.  If the Block references are unfamiliar, please check the map under the Maps section of the Documents page.

The information is current on November 12th.  Please check this website for any changes as we get closer to the start date.

E-Block and the eastern portion of H-Block will be sealcoated next spring.  The weather is too cold for this work to be done now.


WPCA Board Meeting Thursday, November 14th at 7PM

The November Board meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14, at 7 P.M. in the Heron House Art Gallery.  Following is the agenda:

1.  Opening

2.  Approval of minutes of October 9 Board meeting

3. Treasurer's Report and 2019 Budget - Van

4. Committee Reports/Actions:

 a. Capital Projects/Maintenance – Ken, Van, Kristjan, group
            - Paving – update on contract with Dominion, interaction with LARCA  (Van, Ken)
            - H Block dock repairs – update on contractor selection, next steps  (Ken, Kristjan)
            - Other?

 b. Landscaping report (recent actions in A, B, C, and K blocks, updates) - Fran, Sally

 c. Future Improvements (updates?) – George, Kristjan
5. Other business

 a.        - Snowplowing (contract update) - Van

 b.        - Boat issues (update on A block boat, Board vote on enforcement action, interaction                    with RA) – Ken

 c.        - C block (handicapped) parking issues - Van

 d.        - E block issues (coffee house) – Ken

 e.        - Recycling issues (Fairfax County change, ADS, etc.) - Van, Ken

 f.         - LARCA update (info only) - Ken

6. Next meeting/adjourn