Saturday, November 7, 2020

Board Meeting

 WPCA November Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday November 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM


1. Opening

2. Approval of minutes of October 8th Board Meeting

3. Treasurer’s Report – Review of strawman version of the Budget for 2021 and the spreadsheet based on the 2016 Reserve Study

4. Review the snowplow contract with McLean Landscapes

5. Review whose Board term is up this year and talk about possible Board candidates for next year

6. Committee Reports/Actions:

    a. Capital Projects/Maintenance

        Report on H Block Dock Repairs – John

        Report on C Block lights - Van/Ken

        Report on Rail Painting, Lakeside on B and C Blocks – John L.

    b. Landscaping and trees

        H, K and E Blocks – Alex

        A, B and C Blocks – Sally

        Report on proposal for Cluster tree work – Sally, Van

        Discuss Growing Earth Tree Care’s bid of $8,517 (and the fact that we still need the Van Gogh Cherry tree worked on and the cedars on K Block parking lot side trimmed).

7. Other Business

    Talk about the notice from Fairfax County on Recycling and ask Van to send out a notice about the County’s policies, especially reiterating that recycling does not go in plastic bags

    Set up ZOOM Annual meeting date for January or February 2021

8. Next meeting/adjourn

Note: The Board meeting will be held via a Zoom conference. Anyone who wishes to participate should contact Fran Lovaas ( for the logon particulars.