Monday, August 15, 2022

WPCA Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting

Aug 18th, 2022

The July WPCA Board Meeting will be held at the Art Gallery at 7:00 pm and via ZOOM Thursday, August 18th, 2022.  


1. Call to Order

2. Finance Update

3. Capital Projects/Maintenance Update

·         C block landing Cement Demo

·         Wall caps (Received one Bid so far)

·         Light fixtures on E Block

·         Electrical work for lights in front of B Block (Kolb Electrical is coming out next Thursday.) United Electrical

·         Electric Car Charging Station for Cluster

o    See note below

·         Canoes/Paddle Boards/Kayaks on decks

4. Landscaping Update

·         Ants in the tree roots of B block (Update)

·         Landscape committee membership

·         A-Block landscape

5. Miscellaneous

·         Splitting costs with LARCA for paving shared access roads to parking lots update

·         Boats/Permits/Renewals

·         Update on thompsons boat

·         Graffiti update, H block dock


**Note re Charging Station

        We are soliciting membership for a new committee on electric car charging stations. If you are interested in being involved, please email Danielle Zuk and consider joining the discussion during the meeting.